Dirty Martini Recipe - Do it yourself!

How To Do The Best Dirty Martini - Recipe

Welcome guys,
In this simple site I want to share with you my the secret Dirty Martini recipe which will help you do the best Dirty Martini drink you have ever drunk :) I have hope that this Dirty Martini recipe will be easy to understand and will allow you do this drink in a few minutes just like me.

Dirty Martini Recipe - Photo

  • 6 Fluid ounces Vodka or Gin
  • 1 Dash Dry Vermouth
  • 1 Fluid ounce brine from olive jar
  • 4 Stuffed Green Olives

Stir in the glass properly vodka (or gin), brine, dry vermouth and olives of course. My secret method consists in the fact that, after mixing, the mixture should be left in the fridge for about 15 minutes to cool down well. As a result, the ingredients are better absorbed and drink will taste better. Prepared drink given in good glasses.

I have hope that now you will be able to do nice drink with this Dirty Martini recipe.

Why I did this site with Dirty Martini Recipe?

I did it for you because a lot my friends like my drinks and always they say that I should learn other people how do it like me. If you would like me to do more guides like this Dirty Martini recipe please write to me on email: andrewpatt31@gmail.com what recipes you would like to know :)

Where I learned that Dirty Martini Recipe?

This Dirty Martini Recipe taught me my the best friend when we were young and we drank a lot of drinks like this. He knows nice tricks and tips for really a lot of alcohol drinks and he taught me a few :)

More question or problems?

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